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Lil’ Flip - Freestyle King Award

Nigga, 2000, Y2K
Me and Ron C all in yo muthafuckin' shit nigga
fo sho, ha, man it's goin' down
y'all boyz need to fo sho get that cotton candy
cotton mouth, all in yo' face nigga
Uh huh, Lil Flipper, The Leprechaun aka Da Freestyle King
Sucka Free, fuckin' with that Ron C
Dat Dodo, y'all blowin' bullshit
Indo nigga this what we blow...

[Lil' Flip]
We blow Indo, I might be on Jay Leno
They be like Flip, can you listen to my demo
I say naw nigga I got shows to do
After the concert, I got hoes to...

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