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Ray Charles - Bath

Bath lyrics - letras - testo

Larry Hart and Richard Rodgers
Were a pair of artful dodgers
Who found success
In the US;
For myself, I find New Yorkers
Somewhat brash and rather raucous --
Why don't we stay
In the UK?

We had Manhattan, we had the chattin' and the talk,
We had that song about New York,
But there's a city that's far more pretty in the West,
I think you may have guessed,
I know you'll be impressed,
It's the best.
As Aquae Sulis this little jewel is sometimes known,
A place the Georgians made their own;
This is the city you can't forget,
Restored into Somerset --
Who'd have Manhattan when you can come to Bath?

The Royal Crescent is always pleasant on the eye,
And now those buses don't pass by.
Go round the Circus -- what else could work as perfectly?
Admire its symmetry,
A circle cut in three,
The bridge at Pulteney would not insult Neapolitans,
And even Florentines are fans;
This is the city without compare,
Remember to see Queen Square --
Who'd have Manhattan when you can come to Bath?

Down by the Avon, it's such a haven from the crowd,
The rugby never seems too loud;
Round by the Abbey it's never shabby, dull or flat --
The buskers see to that,
Put something in their hat,
In Sydney Gardens they need no pardons for the view,
You've got canal and railway too.
This is the city no one can spoil,
So visit the Theatre Royal --
Who'd have Manhattan when you can come to Bath?

Go up to Combe Down -- there's loads of room down Foxhill way,
Go round to Walcot Street and play.
Go out to Twerton and do some flirtin' for a lark,
Or really make your mark
And go to Oldfield Park
After dark.
Go down to Whiteway -- you know the right way, I assume,
Or take a trip to Monkton Combe.
This is the city of home and hearth,
You know every street and path --
Who'd have Manhattan when you can live in Bath?

-- Guy Barry (after Lorenz Hart)

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